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  • What is the Local Skills Improvement Plan ?

Local Skills Improvement Plans outline the main skills shortages impacting employers and set out a list of actionable priorities for skills providers to help them deliver training that can bridge those skills gaps.

  • How will LSIPs benefit businesses?

One of the aims of the LSIP is to facilitate direct and dynamic working arrangements between employers and skills providers. These working relationships will provide employers with the opportunity to have ongoing conversations with providers to ensure that skills provision is meeting their needs.

Through the provision of training where it is needed, individuals will be able to develop the skills they need to get good jobs in their local areas increasing their prospects and benefiting businesses.

  • When will we see the results?

The Local Skills Improvement Plan for Greater Manchester will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Education in May 2023. It is expected that most of the country will have a LSIP developed and approved by the Secretary of State by Summer 2023.

Between Summer 2023 and March 2025, Greater Manchester Chamber will work with partners to regularly review and update the LSIP to ensure it remains relevant.

  • How can businesses get involved?

In the first instance, if you’ve had problems recruiting people with the right skills for your business, please complete our short LSIP survey here. Your response will help us to map out where the skills gaps are in each borough of Greater Manchester and which skills are in short supply.

If you’d like to get involved on a longer term basis, we are compiling a list of businesses who are interested in working with skills providers on a regular basis to help assess the current provision and ensure it matches the needs of businesses. Email our team via

  • Where can I find out more information about the LSIP?

You can contact the GM Chamber LSIP team to find out more about the work we’re doing across Greater Manchester via, or visit the Government’s website here.

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