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Meet The Team

Chris Fletcher (2) - cropped & re-sized.jpg
Chris Fletcher

GM LSIP Director and Chamber Policy Director

Subrah BW.png
Subrahmaniam Krishnan-Harihara

Deputy Director - Research & Information Systems

Joanna Preihs - re-sized and cropped.jpg
Joanna Preihs

GM LSIP Communications & Engagement Manager

Samantha Lomeli.jpg
Samantha Lomelí 

GM LSIP Research Analyst

Toluwanimi Ojutiku.jpg
Aadya Bahl.jpg
Toluwanimi Ojutiku

GM LSIP Research Intern

GM LSIP Research Intern

Callum - Re-sized.jpg
Callum Barker

Information Systems Officer

Aadya Bahl
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