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Initial Findings and Analysis


Businesses in GM North reported the most recruitment difficulties

Among the businesses that had attempted recruitment, 78% reported recruitment difficulties. Location was a factor determining recruitment difficulties, with businesses in GM North reporting recruitment difficulties more often than businesses elsewhere in GM. Notably, Bolton was the local authority with highest proportion of businesses reporting hiring difficulties (93%). This result might indicate that there are fewer people willing to apply to positions located in the northern region, compared to positions in the southern and central regions. 

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This could be connected to salaries, which are lower in GM North. According to Adzuna data analysed by GM Chamber, median salary in GM North was 12% lower than the median salary for GM (£26,250 in GM North vs £30,000 in GM). This shows that labour and skills shortages vary from one part of GM to another, and the assessment of skills needs must be done at the local level.

Further local variations

The findings from our initial research also suggested that local authority areas with larger numbers of people with higher level qualifications and low numbers of people without qualifications have higher rates of employment and higher earnings:

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  • Bury, Trafford and Wigan have high employment rates and low proportions of people with no qualifications.

  • Trafford has the largest proportion of people with NVQ level 4 and higher qualifications and the highest mean earnings per week of £843.40 – 20% higher than the GM average.

Further local variations will be analysed at the end of the data collection period.



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