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Initial Findings and Analysis


Employers need to embrace training to address skills shortages

Businesses who appear to associate skills shortages with the recruitment process rather than with their existing workforce could be less willing to acknowledge that their current employees may indeed have skills deficits for their day-to-day work. The consequence is that willingness to offer training to employees is low, something that the results from the survey confirm. The survey included several questions on staff training:

  • Has your organisation implemented staff training plans?

  • Has your organisation provided staff training for the direct needs of the business?

  • Has your organisation provided staff training for general employee development or personal         interests/future ambition?

Respondents who replied affirmatively to any of these questions were considered as providing training. Overall, only 49.5% of the respondents reported offering some type of training to the staff.

Since the pandemic, there have been a historic number of vacancies. Workers with advanced skills are in short supply and employers cannot resort to recruitment to meet the skills needs for their growth or digitalisation plans. Therefore, employers need to embrace workforce skills assessments and upskilling / reskilling training programmes to improve productivity, future-proof their business and embrace growth opportunities.    

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